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Osananajimi conti nyu by Oda Non

If there's one thing guys are more interested in than videogames...

Download the full story here. Adults only!

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The Bolero, Zelda, and Mario

The Bolero is a form of music of Latin origin.

Maurice Ravel's aptly titled Bolero is probably the most famous piece in the form:

But you, gamer, probably first heard thanks to Koji Kondo, when Sheik taught you the Bolero of Fire in Ocarina of Time:

More recently, Mahito Yokota unleashed the bolero in Super Mario Galaxy's Battlerock Galaxy, one of the game's many memorable tracks:

Wild Arms & A Fistful of Dollars

The retro gamers among you probably got goosebumps from that music. Wild Arms wasn't exactly the most memorable RPG, but its intro did everything right: the association of the theme Into the Wilderness to animation by famed studio Madhouse is probably the reason many gamers remember the game so fondly.

But why exactly did that music aready feel so familiar when you heard it for the first time all those years ago?

Writing the music to a western themed game, Enio Morricone's iconic score to Sergio Leone's Dollars trilogy was an obvious source of inspiration for composer Michiko Naruke. Listen to the similarities:

Pokémon Black & White manga is 3DS-compatible

French editor Kurokawa is preparing the release of the first volume of the Pokémon Black & White manga.

Not only is the full volume a worldwide exclusive, not yet published in Japan, but it is also the first ever 3DS compatible manga: printed AR markers on the pages will allow you to interact with various Pokémon using your 3DS and the Pokédex application.

Source: Kurokawa website

Review: Masters of Doom

Masters of Doom by David Kushner is a double-bill biography of John Romero and John Carmack, founders of ID Software, gaming legends best known for fathering Doom, Quake, and thus the whole FPS genre.

While I personally really enjoy Doom and Quake, I am not much of an ID software fan, but the book still gripped me hard. You might have heard lore, legends and trivia regarding the duo and their games, but there's even more to be found in here, thanks to the countless interviews with first hand witnesses the author based his work upon.

Masters of Doom was released in 2003 which unfortunately means it's fairly up to date on what the two Johns have been up to this decade. The 200X's weren't very eventful or notable for either of them.

Zelda Skyward Sword limited edition bundle

If this ain't hot, I don't know what is... Nintendo just remembered to announce the bundle it promised us back at E3.

For $69.99, you get not only the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, but also a golden wiimote with Wii motion plus built in and a CD featuring some of those symphonic arrangements that will be performed later this year in a two city "world tour". Lame-o's who purchase the regular $49.99 edition also get the CD, but no remote.

The game launches November 20th in the states.

Sonic stamps from the belgian post

You may or may not remember the Mario stamps from earlier this year, but the belgian post has done it again, this time with the old rival: Sonic the Hedgehog will be getting his own series of stamps, because apparently this is the year of his 20th birthday.

As usual, this will be a limited edition, available in sheets of 5 or 15, and will launch August 29th. No word on whether these will actually make your mail arrive faster than with usual stamps.

Hey, this year's also the Legend of Zelda's 25th anniversary, maybe something's coming up... Oh, and Metal Gear's 25th anniversary, but tht might be pushing it...

Super Deepthroat 1.8

Now with moddable text dialogue.

Download it here.

You can download the pack of mods & characters here.

Sony cuts prices at Gamescom

Sony's Gamescom presentation just confirmed August is price cut month: the 160GB PS3 is now 249€/$ worldwide.

In other news, a new 99€ (and presumably $) PSP model named E-1000 will see light this fall with a PS3 slim-esque matte finish and... no wifi. As usual with Sony, less features is the new feature.

Super Deepthroat 1.7.1

Small update with gloves and various bugfixes. Download it!

Coming up next: dialogue.

Update: Super Deepthroat 1.8

Bakuman game for Nintendo DS

Bakuman, from the authors of Death Note, is probably one of the most successful manga these days, so it's no surprise to see a videogame adaptation.

Unlike most other Shonen Jump series, Bakuman isn't based onfighting: instead follows the life of two young mangaka. The game seems to be a graphic novel with manga-making minigames.

Given that Nintendo has pretty much already given up on the DS in the west, this one'll probably never leave Japan, where it launches this autumn.

Nintendo DS deathbed: 2 titles to play before jumping to 3DS

The Nintendo DS isn't totally dead, but looking at its near empty release schedule, it hasn't got long. Here's your to-do list before you can allow yourself to switch to 3DS:

#1 We've talked about Solatorobo: Red the hunter before, but back then we didn't know how good it was! The good news is that the title is on its way to the US: it will be released in september.

The variety of the gameplay is pretty astounding for a portable title, and the production values are top notch, as the following video shows:

#2 Level-5 demonstrated with the latest Dragon Quests that they know their way around ultratraditional jRPGs. Turns out they can do a bit more than copy-paste 20 year-old templates: Inazuma Eleven mixes jRPG and... soccer, and the way you recruit team members is similar to Pokémon.

You'll have to import this one from Europe, because obviously no self respecting US citizen was ever goint to give a shit about soccer.

Super Deepthroat 1.7

The newest, the latest: Super Deepthroat 1.7 is here! Download it! (mirror)

Update: Super Deepthroat 1.8

New features include bra & bikini top options and mirrored mode.

You can download the pack of mods & characters here.

If you're like me, you like to know what you're getting yourself into when you start playing a new game.

Enter GameLengths. As useful as it is straightforward, the site simply lists the time necessary to finish games. It's based on user input, so you better contribute!