Female characters in fighting games: the miracle formula.

Ok, I get the character design issue for fighting games: characters spending most of the time hitting each other makes it difficult to build them any kind of interesting persona.

Fighting seems right up her alley.

She's a woman. This is what women do.

Usually, a character's whole identity can be summed up in one line:

He's a cop from New York! (Mortal Kombat's Stryker)

Same thing with girls, except fighting game design law says you should always add "and she's totally HOT!" at the end:

She's a cop from New York... and she's totally HOT! (Battle Arena Toshinden's Tracy)

Your average NYC cop.

No exceptions:

Admit it, this turns you on.

Unfortunately, it seems that at some point between the '90s and '00s, things went a bit wild when designers started adding "and she dresses like a TRAMP!" instead.

Here's a pic from the original Dead or Alive:

An old man beating up a young, appropriately dressed girl. All is well.

Now here's the cast of Dead or Alive as they've been appearing lately:

Oops, my bad, that's just a bunch of Japanese girls in bikinis. Here are the DoA girls:

In my time, you just went for your sister's barbies and felt guilty about it afterwards.

To be fair, Dead or Alive is not the only offender.

Here's Souledge aka Soulblade's Sophitia in the original game:

Milf? Yes. Tramp? No

And this is her in Soulcalibur IV:
Gonna get raped.

And Ivy from the same game:

Got milk.
Here's an exclusive screenshot from upcoming Soulcalibur V:


RatsRunThisTown said...

Hahaha! Only in Japan eh? Hilarious blog. Especially the DOA girls and melons lol

anon1337 said...

Yeah girls in fighting games are treated as a joke. Either flashing some ass or these got huge boobs - funny though.

la com├ędie said...

great post

nekoewen said...

I take it you've never played Bloody Roar then?


iAtheist said...

hilarious post. laughed hard dude

aGas said...

hahaha, the last one got me good. didn't expected that!

Seb said...

nice end :p

i read somewhere some BS about devs giving female chars skimpy outfits "because they rely on their agility, so they can't wear constricting armour" - sounds likely :p

Tweeks Coffee said...

awesome post, bro! waiting for MOAR

Miles Prower said...

Nice one defently following you cant wait for more

BunnySMG said...

Awesome post.

And even though she dresses about as conservatively as possible for a fighting game girl my favorite lately is Hitomi from DoA.

Joe Flannery said...

By my calculations they will all be nude by 2032 lol

5lectro said...

@ Nekoewen

Only played the second one... I need to go back to that series.
I like how they completely forgot about her in the sequels. :/

Totalitarian said...

hehe funny post man. Interesting blog.

John Smith said...

This seems about right. Lmao.

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